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You must obtain permission to work in a foreign country. This needs a special ticket known as a work permit or visa. In Singapore, the required monthly earning determines whether you are eligible to obtain for a work permit or work visa. Keep in mind that work permit is destined for experts whose monthly salary can amount to $ 2,800 while work visa is meant for those who will earn less.
All foreigners working in Singapore are subjected to two types of work permit, which are usually provided based on professional experiences. Firstly, there is Employment Pass (EP) which is to be issued to particular individuals with a specified profession, seeking for employment opportunity in Singapore. In this permit, employer is required to file an application for the foreigner. The preceding permit is commonly known as Personal Employment Pass (PEP), which is not linked to any employer and must be granted based on the merit of the applicant.
The EP is the chief type of work permit relevant for business owners or qualified employees willing to extend their service in Singapore. However, the total monthly earning for this kind of permit is set to be $3,300, and the applicant must be a holder of verifiable degree from a recognized university. There is no official law enactment restricting the number of EPs that can be released. Currently, an EP awarded lasts for a period of 1-2 years and is renewable when the applicant decides to extend his/her stay in the business. The holders of this permit are qualified to apply for permanent opportunities after a long stay.
The greatest benefit of owning a PEP work permit is that you can change job type easily without re-applying for a new employment pass so long as that you have been at work for more than six months. On the contrary, you are not eligible to start your own business as a PEP holder. PEP is only valid for 3 years and cannot be renewed. Any experienced employee willing to work in Singapore is eligible to apply for this permit.
Employment opportunities available in Singapore are open for anybody willing to work abroad, and Singapore law does not have any exemption against this. If you need a work permit in Singapore, use the following guidelines:
• Fill and complete the electronic Employment Pass Application Form accessible online on The form will take you about 30 minutes to complete and must be signed by the applicant and the perceived employer.
• The filled form 8 should then be submitted alongside with the colored passports and educational documents. Affix the list of other copies like testimonials, recommendations or any document that is needed for the success of your application. The submitted document t must comply with the type of job applied in Singapore.
• Pay the required application fees before handing over the document. It is important to note that any extra fee will be paid after the evaluation phase.
• Patiently wait for a minimum of 35 days for the application to be reviewed. This process can be longer depending on the number of the applicants per given time, or if necessary information were neglected. An approval letter will be forwarded to your employer immediately your application is verified.
• Your employer will then make an arrangement for the two of you to meet at the Employment Pass Services Centre. The purpose of the visit will be to record your original photo identification and fingerprints.
• You will now be free to pick your Employment Pass or Personalized Employment Pass, after photo and fingerprint verification.
When an applicant’s employer settled overseas and does not own a public office in Singapore, another Singapore registered employment agency can assume the position and forward the application on behalf. Discover how to apply for a work permit now.