Singapore being a rapidly growing country creates 5,000 new jobs available for Filipinos every year. This helps clear the global economic crisis facing Filipino migrants. Filipinos living in Singapore consists of migrants originating from Philippines and their youngsters. Approximately 80,000 work in Singapore as domestic assistants, while 12,000 experts are lucky to be in the sector of information and communication technology. This symbolizes a steady increase as from 1995, when about 75,000 Philippines were serving as domestic helpers in Singapore.
Overseas Filipino is a person born in Filipino but lives outside of Philippines. This term can be applied to Filipinos who are working or seeking for job in Singapore. They can either be in Singapore permanently or temporarily on a short time contract, usually 2-3 years. They are always recognized by various terms with different meanings. For instance, overseas Filipino workers are those working outside the country and are expected to get back to Philippines upon the termination of the contract. Singapore jobs for Filipinos are open for everyone who meets their destined qualification. Registration or job application must be done with a reputable recruitment agency. Otherwise, you might be conned if the company is not genuine. This is quite involving and a good agency can be your savior.
Currently, over a million Filipinos leave their country of origin every year to work overseas, through the help of recruitment agencies and other programs including government oriented initiatives. professional transformation have been realized where some Filipinos experts are serving as nurses, bank clerks, sales assistant, physical therapist, accountant, engineers, seafarers, cooks, entertainers or IT specialists. Furthermore, many Philippines working abroad are women serving as domestic and caregivers. Conversely, among them only 27,000 are eligible to vote in Filipino elections. Most of them apply for a permanent citizenship in Singapore.
Singapore government does not allow the discrimination of Filipinos as Malay. Therefore, all Filipinos seeking job in Singapore must rebuff this elementary identification. Legitimately, Singapore knows immigrants from the bordering Philippines as part of their racial body recognized as “OTHERS”. Obviously, this shows that there is no ethnicity in this country, and could be the reason why Singapore accommodates most of the Philippines refugee, and even offer them jobs. Many Singaporeans argue that if Filipinos were ordered to leave, there will be extra vacancies and companies in the private sector will start employing local team particularly in the field of IT, house help, nurses and hospitality.
Singapore employers are choosy most of the times. Their aim is to obtain competent workers who would lead the company into its success zone. In contrast, the Filipino job-seekers will quickly pick or accept any job that crosses their way other than being jobless. In Singapore, it is difficult to find well paying jobs without relevant qualification. Therefore, employers are always flexible enough to give chance to those willing to learn other than importing inexperienced Filipinos to fill the vacancy.

All the Filipinos willing to work in Singapore must acquire a work permit and fill the application form just like other applicants.