Many employers believe that good communication skill is the key to hotel success. Hotel jobs in Singapore offer a great opportunity for both local and foreign job-seekers. Singapore hotels mainly require quality personal presentation and interpersonal skills. Paying attention to customers and the ability to multitask are the major concerns during recruitment. Hotel position requires candidates to be extremely knowledgeable based on the state law and job ethics. The hired personnel are expected to execute quality customer service, and must adopt destined methods of how to handle different types of customers.

Generally, the positions offered at Singapore hotels includes but not limited to: Banquet Server, Bar Staff, Cafe Manager, Catering Manager, Catering Sales Manager, Front Desk Clerk, Waiter/Waitress, Wait Staff and many more positions. Foreign applicants are expected to acquire for a work permit and annex together with other professional documents. Application once done should be continuously updated on the hotel web-based database.
A hotel job in Singapore offers inclusive and aggressive benefits to successful applicants. Working as hotel attendant in Singapore is far much unique as compared to other countries. The following are benefits waiting for successful applicants:
• Singapore hotels are designed to provide its employees with the opportunity to obtain comprehensive and quality health care services at a better cost in order to utilize the large number of doctors, hospitals and health specialists in the country. In addition to that, the employees can save money on prescription drugs through Hotels Prescription Drug Program.
• The Vision Plan is designed to provide associates and their relatives with the chance to obtain quality vision care. Most Singapore hotels provide their employees with an eye inspection and a pair of lenses at a lower cost. The employees are discouraged from frequent visit to hospitals and are allowed to go to the hospital once a week.
• In a number of hotels in Singapore, each employee has a chance to save for future through the Retirement Savings Plan offered by the hotels owners. The said program also provide hotel employees with additional financial support should they die while still working for the company.
• Many hotels mostly give the employees paid time off to allow them time away from work for vacation and holidays or to use in case they are sick. The employees can again balance their family life and work.
The people working in these hotels are entitled to better housing facilities to encourage them to work hard to meet their demands. Additionally, all the workers are given a slight relief in payment of taxes as compared to other fields of work within Singapore. Conversely, if an employee is not a permanent resident in Singapore, he/she will be subjected to a short time contract for about 2-3 years and may not enjoy all the benefits as hotel attendant. Non-renewable Personal Employment Pass will not allow an employee to continue working or staying in Singapore in reference to the state law. However, one can only be exempted if the wife or husband is an original citizen of Singapore.