Singapore recruitment agencies undertakes imperative role in making both the small and large firms be staffed with the best employees. Presently, recruitment agency method is widely used in Singapore to help companies achieve their business goals. This method involves scrutinizing the applicants, training them based on their relevant sphere of profession, and helps the needy organizations find the competent employees. Employers are then expected to pay when the best team has been recommended for them. This is completely different from the traditional way of interviewing and recruiting. Therefore, the results for the vetting are regarded as self explanatory. Moreover, traditional based recruitment methods are not efficient as required by modern businesses, this is the main reason why more than 50% of firms are still struggling to source their jobs outside. However, 80% of firms have established relationships with recruitment agencies to curb the problems. Their recruitment service varies depending on the specialties of the applicants. The following are examples of recruitment agencies in Singapore:
• Axcel Maids Agency: This agency assists clients in getting part time legal helpers for homes and companies. The business caters for both long and short term employees in order to suit the need for the client. Axcel Maids Agency have a large number of regular, experienced, honest and reliable maids who are willing and able to work for the clients.
• Asia Employment Agency: This is a good maid agency based in Singapore, but owned by Asians. The maids are majorly from Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. These maids are safe, cheap and can operate on either long term or short term basis.
• Advance Link Pte Ltd: This is an established recruitment agency having more than 26 years experienced in local and foreign vetting. The business has candidates who are able to work either permanent or temporary basis according to the employer. This agency gets the candidates from Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, they process employment pass and work permit for the selected candidates.
• Brilliant City Pte Ltd: This business operates outside Singapore and has a strong relationship with countries across Pacific Ocean, majorly in China. It is specialized in headhunting services and mainly deals with Human Resources Consultancy Services inside and outside Singapore.
• Business Edge Personnel Services Pte Ltd: This business provides all sorts of staffing services and job opportunities for Human Resources Consultants. The consultancy jobs provided by the business includes Accounts, Administration, Arts & Creative, Banking & Finance, Customer Services, Engineering and many more depending on the profession of the applicant.
Singapore recruitment companies have a vision of seeing that over 200,000 applicants are in a position of securing the available jobs irrespective of their professions. All the applicants show impressive records of success in corporate positions and competently play their key roles in those companies. These companies are in a state of identifying those who are the best for the jobs through proprietary talent management system.