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Long time ago, Singapore was committed to the national economic prosperity and maintained a harmonious connection for the good will of its citizens. The country destined well paying jobs to its citizens other than foreigners. Low paying jobs were left for foreigners from Philippines, Bangladesh and China. However, with the current professional diversifications, changes were made and even foreigners could be appointed to high paying jobs. Professionals specialized in Information Technology and whose employment conditions are linked to those of managers and executives are usually entitled to a basic monthly salary of $4,500. IT appears to be one of the highest paying jobs in Singapore. This means that it requires more brain work and critical analysis. Most companies are on the opinion that foreigners are as qualified as Singaporean applicants. Therefore, both Singaporean and foreigners are eligible for the IT position in Singapore.
The IT jobs consist of software analysis, software engineering, network administration, programming, web design, data analysis, maintenance and configuration, hardware and software installation, accounting information system and the use of application packages. In accordance to Singapore, the employee with any of the mentioned knowledge is said to be overqualified. Working as an IT specialist in Singapore is more earning as compared to other fields of profession. The following are the benefits meant for IT gurus:
• Both public and private companies are expected to offer such employee quality health care services at a subsidized cost from Singapore accredited hospitals. In addition to that, their routine illness specified during registration and application process will be freely catered for.
• Daily special staff meals will be offered. You will not have to move out for your breakfast or lunch as special meal will be organized every day. The company will not claim for these expenses incurred.
• In various Singapore companies, each professional will be entitled to a retirement scheme and some welfare savings to cater for future financial support should there be death during your working duration.
• Most companies will give you paid time off to help create time for leisure away from work; for vacation and holidays or to use in case of sickness. The employees can again balance their family life and work.
The IT specialist operating in public firms is subjected to extra allowances such as hardship and travelling to enable him/her live a standardized life with the family. Additionally, all the personnel are entitled to a relief payment of taxes. Conversely, if an employee is not a permanent resident in Singapore, his/her contract will be terminated and thus may not fully enjoy working in Singapore. Remember that Personal Employment Pass is only valid for 3 years and cannot be renewed, and the perceived employee will stop working immediately it expires. All foreign applicants must forward their professional documents together with the PEP. It is important to note that most Singapore employers value the knowledge and skills of an experienced worker. This is so because experienced worker own maximum loyalty to his/her intended duty, and have a stronger work ethics.