Singapore being a rapidly growing country creates 5,000 new jobs available for Filipinos every year. This helps clear the global economic crisis facing Filipino migrants. Filipinos living in Singapore consists of migrants originating from Philippines and their youngsters. Approximately 80,000 work in Singapore as domestic assistants, while 12,000 experts are lucky to be in the sector of information and communication technology. This symbolizes a steady increase as from 1995, when about 75,000 Philippines were serving as domestic helpers in Singapore.
Overseas Filipino is a person born in Filipino but lives outside of Philippines. This term can be applied to Filipinos who are working or seeking for job in Singapore. They can either be in Singapore permanently or temporarily on a short time contract, usually 2-3 years. They are always recognized by various terms with different meanings. For instance, overseas Filipino workers are those working outside the country and are expected to get back to Philippines upon the termination of the contract. Singapore jobs for Filipinos are open for everyone who meets their destined qualification. Registration or job application must be done with a reputable recruitment agency. Otherwise, you might be conned if the company is not genuine. This is quite involving and a good agency can be your savior.
Currently, over a million Filipinos leave their country of origin every year to work overseas, through the help of recruitment agencies and other programs including government oriented initiatives. professional transformation have been realized where some Filipinos experts are serving as nurses, bank clerks, sales assistant, physical therapist, accountant, engineers, seafarers, cooks, entertainers or IT specialists. Furthermore, many Philippines working abroad are women serving as domestic and caregivers. Conversely, among them only 27,000 are eligible to vote in Filipino elections. Most of them apply for a permanent citizenship in Singapore.
Singapore government does not allow the discrimination of Filipinos as Malay. Therefore, all Filipinos seeking job in Singapore must rebuff this elementary identification. Legitimately, Singapore knows immigrants from the bordering Philippines as part of their racial body recognized as “OTHERS”. Obviously, this shows that there is no ethnicity in this country, and could be the reason why Singapore accommodates most of the Philippines refugee, and even offer them jobs. Many Singaporeans argue that if Filipinos were ordered to leave, there will be extra vacancies and companies in the private sector will start employing local team particularly in the field of IT, house help, nurses and hospitality.
Singapore employers are choosy most of the times. Their aim is to obtain competent workers who would lead the company into its success zone. In contrast, the Filipino job-seekers will quickly pick or accept any job that crosses their way other than being jobless. In Singapore, it is difficult to find well paying jobs without relevant qualification. Therefore, employers are always flexible enough to give chance to those willing to learn other than importing inexperienced Filipinos to fill the vacancy.

All the Filipinos willing to work in Singapore must acquire a work permit and fill the application form just like other applicants.


You must obtain permission to work in a foreign country. This needs a special ticket known as a work permit or visa. In Singapore, the required monthly earning determines whether you are eligible to obtain for a work permit or work visa. Keep in mind that work permit is destined for experts whose monthly salary can amount to $ 2,800 while work visa is meant for those who will earn less.
All foreigners working in Singapore are subjected to two types of work permit, which are usually provided based on professional experiences. Firstly, there is Employment Pass (EP) which is to be issued to particular individuals with a specified profession, seeking for employment opportunity in Singapore. In this permit, employer is required to file an application for the foreigner. The preceding permit is commonly known as Personal Employment Pass (PEP), which is not linked to any employer and must be granted based on the merit of the applicant.
The EP is the chief type of work permit relevant for business owners or qualified employees willing to extend their service in Singapore. However, the total monthly earning for this kind of permit is set to be $3,300, and the applicant must be a holder of verifiable degree from a recognized university. There is no official law enactment restricting the number of EPs that can be released. Currently, an EP awarded lasts for a period of 1-2 years and is renewable when the applicant decides to extend his/her stay in the business. The holders of this permit are qualified to apply for permanent opportunities after a long stay.
The greatest benefit of owning a PEP work permit is that you can change job type easily without re-applying for a new employment pass so long as that you have been at work for more than six months. On the contrary, you are not eligible to start your own business as a PEP holder. PEP is only valid for 3 years and cannot be renewed. Any experienced employee willing to work in Singapore is eligible to apply for this permit.
Employment opportunities available in Singapore are open for anybody willing to work abroad, and Singapore law does not have any exemption against this. If you need a work permit in Singapore, use the following guidelines:
• Fill and complete the electronic Employment Pass Application Form accessible online on The form will take you about 30 minutes to complete and must be signed by the applicant and the perceived employer.
• The filled form 8 should then be submitted alongside with the colored passports and educational documents. Affix the list of other copies like testimonials, recommendations or any document that is needed for the success of your application. The submitted document t must comply with the type of job applied in Singapore.
• Pay the required application fees before handing over the document. It is important to note that any extra fee will be paid after the evaluation phase.
• Patiently wait for a minimum of 35 days for the application to be reviewed. This process can be longer depending on the number of the applicants per given time, or if necessary information were neglected. An approval letter will be forwarded to your employer immediately your application is verified.
• Your employer will then make an arrangement for the two of you to meet at the Employment Pass Services Centre. The purpose of the visit will be to record your original photo identification and fingerprints.
• You will now be free to pick your Employment Pass or Personalized Employment Pass, after photo and fingerprint verification.
When an applicant’s employer settled overseas and does not own a public office in Singapore, another Singapore registered employment agency can assume the position and forward the application on behalf. Discover how to apply for a work permit now.


Long time ago, Singapore was committed to the national economic prosperity and maintained a harmonious connection for the good will of its citizens. The country destined well paying jobs to its citizens other than foreigners. Low paying jobs were left for foreigners from Philippines, Bangladesh and China. However, with the current professional diversifications, changes were made and even foreigners could be appointed to high paying jobs. Professionals specialized in Information Technology and whose employment conditions are linked to those of managers and executives are usually entitled to a basic monthly salary of $4,500. IT appears to be one of the highest paying jobs in Singapore. This means that it requires more brain work and critical analysis. Most companies are on the opinion that foreigners are as qualified as Singaporean applicants. Therefore, both Singaporean and foreigners are eligible for the IT position in Singapore.
The IT jobs consist of software analysis, software engineering, network administration, programming, web design, data analysis, maintenance and configuration, hardware and software installation, accounting information system and the use of application packages. In accordance to Singapore, the employee with any of the mentioned knowledge is said to be overqualified. Working as an IT specialist in Singapore is more earning as compared to other fields of profession. The following are the benefits meant for IT gurus:
• Both public and private companies are expected to offer such employee quality health care services at a subsidized cost from Singapore accredited hospitals. In addition to that, their routine illness specified during registration and application process will be freely catered for.
• Daily special staff meals will be offered. You will not have to move out for your breakfast or lunch as special meal will be organized every day. The company will not claim for these expenses incurred.
• In various Singapore companies, each professional will be entitled to a retirement scheme and some welfare savings to cater for future financial support should there be death during your working duration.
• Most companies will give you paid time off to help create time for leisure away from work; for vacation and holidays or to use in case of sickness. The employees can again balance their family life and work.
The IT specialist operating in public firms is subjected to extra allowances such as hardship and travelling to enable him/her live a standardized life with the family. Additionally, all the personnel are entitled to a relief payment of taxes. Conversely, if an employee is not a permanent resident in Singapore, his/her contract will be terminated and thus may not fully enjoy working in Singapore. Remember that Personal Employment Pass is only valid for 3 years and cannot be renewed, and the perceived employee will stop working immediately it expires. All foreign applicants must forward their professional documents together with the PEP. It is important to note that most Singapore employers value the knowledge and skills of an experienced worker. This is so because experienced worker own maximum loyalty to his/her intended duty, and have a stronger work ethics.


Singapore recruitment agencies undertakes imperative role in making both the small and large firms be staffed with the best employees. Presently, recruitment agency method is widely used in Singapore to help companies achieve their business goals. This method involves scrutinizing the applicants, training them based on their relevant sphere of profession, and helps the needy organizations find the competent employees. Employers are then expected to pay when the best team has been recommended for them. This is completely different from the traditional way of interviewing and recruiting. Therefore, the results for the vetting are regarded as self explanatory. Moreover, traditional based recruitment methods are not efficient as required by modern businesses, this is the main reason why more than 50% of firms are still struggling to source their jobs outside. However, 80% of firms have established relationships with recruitment agencies to curb the problems. Their recruitment service varies depending on the specialties of the applicants. The following are examples of recruitment agencies in Singapore:
• Axcel Maids Agency: This agency assists clients in getting part time legal helpers for homes and companies. The business caters for both long and short term employees in order to suit the need for the client. Axcel Maids Agency have a large number of regular, experienced, honest and reliable maids who are willing and able to work for the clients.
• Asia Employment Agency: This is a good maid agency based in Singapore, but owned by Asians. The maids are majorly from Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. These maids are safe, cheap and can operate on either long term or short term basis.
• Advance Link Pte Ltd: This is an established recruitment agency having more than 26 years experienced in local and foreign vetting. The business has candidates who are able to work either permanent or temporary basis according to the employer. This agency gets the candidates from Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, they process employment pass and work permit for the selected candidates.
• Brilliant City Pte Ltd: This business operates outside Singapore and has a strong relationship with countries across Pacific Ocean, majorly in China. It is specialized in headhunting services and mainly deals with Human Resources Consultancy Services inside and outside Singapore.
• Business Edge Personnel Services Pte Ltd: This business provides all sorts of staffing services and job opportunities for Human Resources Consultants. The consultancy jobs provided by the business includes Accounts, Administration, Arts & Creative, Banking & Finance, Customer Services, Engineering and many more depending on the profession of the applicant.
Singapore recruitment companies have a vision of seeing that over 200,000 applicants are in a position of securing the available jobs irrespective of their professions. All the applicants show impressive records of success in corporate positions and competently play their key roles in those companies. These companies are in a state of identifying those who are the best for the jobs through proprietary talent management system.


Many employers believe that good communication skill is the key to hotel success. Hotel jobs in Singapore offer a great opportunity for both local and foreign job-seekers. Singapore hotels mainly require quality personal presentation and interpersonal skills. Paying attention to customers and the ability to multitask are the major concerns during recruitment. Hotel position requires candidates to be extremely knowledgeable based on the state law and job ethics. The hired personnel are expected to execute quality customer service, and must adopt destined methods of how to handle different types of customers.

Generally, the positions offered at Singapore hotels includes but not limited to: Banquet Server, Bar Staff, Cafe Manager, Catering Manager, Catering Sales Manager, Front Desk Clerk, Waiter/Waitress, Wait Staff and many more positions. Foreign applicants are expected to acquire for a work permit and annex together with other professional documents. Application once done should be continuously updated on the hotel web-based database.
A hotel job in Singapore offers inclusive and aggressive benefits to successful applicants. Working as hotel attendant in Singapore is far much unique as compared to other countries. The following are benefits waiting for successful applicants:
• Singapore hotels are designed to provide its employees with the opportunity to obtain comprehensive and quality health care services at a better cost in order to utilize the large number of doctors, hospitals and health specialists in the country. In addition to that, the employees can save money on prescription drugs through Hotels Prescription Drug Program.
• The Vision Plan is designed to provide associates and their relatives with the chance to obtain quality vision care. Most Singapore hotels provide their employees with an eye inspection and a pair of lenses at a lower cost. The employees are discouraged from frequent visit to hospitals and are allowed to go to the hospital once a week.
• In a number of hotels in Singapore, each employee has a chance to save for future through the Retirement Savings Plan offered by the hotels owners. The said program also provide hotel employees with additional financial support should they die while still working for the company.
• Many hotels mostly give the employees paid time off to allow them time away from work for vacation and holidays or to use in case they are sick. The employees can again balance their family life and work.
The people working in these hotels are entitled to better housing facilities to encourage them to work hard to meet their demands. Additionally, all the workers are given a slight relief in payment of taxes as compared to other fields of work within Singapore. Conversely, if an employee is not a permanent resident in Singapore, he/she will be subjected to a short time contract for about 2-3 years and may not enjoy all the benefits as hotel attendant. Non-renewable Personal Employment Pass will not allow an employee to continue working or staying in Singapore in reference to the state law. However, one can only be exempted if the wife or husband is an original citizen of Singapore.